Karen Belz
Updated Feb 07, 2017 @ 9:40 am
Credit: NBC

Fans of The Office probably remember “The Dundies” episode quite well. Because, well, it was the episode where Pam gave Jim a big drunken kiss after having one too many at the Scranton-area Chili’s. Proving that she also hasn’t forgotten about this moment, Jenna Fischer posted a photo outside of a Chili’s, proving that she’s still a little hesitant about entering the establishment after her character’s hijinx.

The episode in question was great for multiple reasons. For one, it was one of the first episodes that really found its footing — every second was hilarious, and each cast member had a moment to shine. It was also great to see Pam, our favorite shy receptionist, let loose a little bit.

And that kiss.

Soon after that romantic moment, Pam fell off of a bar bench in a fit of giggles. From there? She was banned forever.

The episode aired in 2005, and obviously still holds a special place in Fischer’s heart.


As for Chili’s? They assumed that Fischer gave it a shot, and also joined in on the nostalgia.

We’re sure that this photo definitely made a few fans fire up their Netflix accounts and rewatch the episode.

While there were many kisses and funny moments between Jim and Pam throughout the run of the show, this one was definitely legendary. It’s just a shame that there’s a chance that Pam doesn’t totally remember it too well. Always make sure to be careful with your “second drink,” kids.