Eva Longoria just shared something really cool about her family history. Longoria visited the Spanish village where her ancestors came from. Additionally, she shares a last name with the small village!

The Desperate Housewives alum has been documenting her trip to Spain on social media. So when she paid a visit to the town of Longoria in Asturias, she naturally could barely control her excitement.

And we completely don’t blame her.

Furthermore, the town of Longoria was clearly just as excited about her visit as she was. Consequently, the village posted its own photo of Longoria. Of course, she was standing in front of the Longoria sign.

Here’s a rough translation: “Eva Longoria at the entrance of the town of Belmonte, which is the location of their Asturian roots.”

Based on all of her Snapchat Stories and Instagram photos, she seems to really be enjoying herself.

But can you blame her? She’s in Spain doing Spain things!

Like drinking Spanish tea:

And visiting incredibly beautiful architecture:

It’s pretty amazing that she was able to see first hand where her ancestors hail from.