Credit: ABC Photo Archives/Contributor/Getty Images

There’s a lot going on this election cycle. Like, a lot. At this point, nothing should surprise us, and we mostly learned that the moment a reality television star announced his candidacy, we were absolutely in no way expecting that Eric Matthews from Boy Meets World would not join the presidential race. Gosh, we were ever wrong. Also, not entirely certain that “Eric Matthews is running for president” is the craziest sentence we’ve written this cycle.

With a hilarious YouTube video, Eric Matthews (aka, Will Friedle) announced his candidacy for president — of course, you have to write him in! (Please don’t do that.)

Let’s take a moment to appreciate everything Eric Matthews is, and focus on the pleasant nostalgia seeing his goofy face brings us.

We can’t find any sort of website ~officially~ announcing Eric Matthews’ candidacy, so best guess is that this is Will Friedle’s attempt to galvanize people to vote, and we really appreciate it. He’s not the first celebrity to publish videos to try and mobilize the masses, but we’re grateful for every single one. In an incredibly tumultuous election year where the two main party candidates couldn’t be more different, your vote makes a more significant statement than it has before, probably in our voting lifetimes.

If we can take anything away from the UK’s recent referendum to leave the EU, it’s that young people voting makes a HUGE difference — not only was the Brexit vote held during Glastonbury (aka one of the biggest music festivals in the world), but quite simply, the youth didn’t vote. And if they had, based on polls, the future of the entire country could’ve changed. That’s a staggering and sobering reality to consider if you’re thinking about abstaining. So we love that Will Friedle’s appeal came from Eric Matthews’ mouth — it’s the perfect thing to tap into millennial nostalgia.


So listen to Eric Matthews on two fronts, folks. Number one: GET OUT ON NOVEMBER 8TH AND VOTE. Just don’t, y’know, vote for Eric Matthews. (Sorry Eric, but we know what you say: “Life’s tough. Get a helmet.”)