Karen Belz
Updated Mar 17, 2017 @ 9:27 am

The day is finally here! And to celebrate, we’ve just learned all about Emma Watson’s favorite Beauty and the Beast wardrobe item just before getting to catch the film in theaters.

Watson has been all over the place promoting the new film, and this fun video that she did for Buzzfeed incorporated cute kittens and thoughtful questions. So, it goes without saying that it’s one of our ultimate favorite interviews she’s done.

(And, it’s probably one of her favorites as well. Watson is known for being a pretty big animal fan.)

Watson flawlessly answered the question of the one souvenir she totally had to snag from the set of the movie. And if you assumed it’d be Belle’s beautiful yellow dress (since we’d totally take that home with us if we could) you’d actually be wrong.

Instead, it was a ring that was made just for Belle. According to Watson, it actually imitated a sentimental ring that she already owned.

Beauty and the Beast fans know that Belle’s mom passes away while Belle is still very young. That’s one of the reasons why Belle and her inventor father are so close.

The meaning behind the ring obviously struck a chord with the costume designer. After all, it resembled a possible token that Belle might be able to hang onto that reminded her of her mother. (And Watson made sure to state that her own mother is alive and well, which is good to hear.)

So, now it looks like Watson has two — one from her mother, and one from the set. Both must hold a ton of meaning.

We can’t wait to see this ring in action. You can check out Beauty and the Beast in theaters today.