Gina Florio
May 19, 2017 11:20 am

As a successful actress and influential philanthropist (and general badass), we imagine Emma Watson is someone who has a wildly busy schedule. But she’s a smart woman who understands the importance of self-care, because you can’t be a boss if you’re not feeling healthy and happy. In an interview with Into the Gloss, Watson reveals what her favorite self-care practice is, and it sounds like a habit we should adopt ourselves, tbh.

Without fail, Watson takes a nice, long bath—every single day.

No matter what, she makes sure she gets into the tub at some point during the day, because “nothing terrible is going to happen in the bath.” (We agree.)

<Watson even said she would “take phone conversations in the bath,” because why not? She loves to use Epsom salts and oils, and C.O Bigelow Apothecary Cold and Flu Soak is one of her favorite brands, since it clears out her sinuses and makes her “feel really clean.” Watson is also fond of Lola’s Apothecary and French Girl Organics, especially their Sea Polish. She’s all about the natural ingredients that leave her feeling moisturized and luxurious.

Maybe this self-care habit is the secret to her ever-glowing skin? Or perhaps it’s the very reason why she’s so smiley and radiant all the time? Whatever the case may be, we feel like we need to draw ourselves a bath, because it sounds pretty relaxing.