You gotta love when celebrities are just like us. Sweet Emma Watson was all of us last night when she appeared on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon.

Apparently, last time Emma appeared with Jimmy Fallon, she got his show mixed up with Jimmy Kimmel’s. They tell the story, and it’s so funny to watch them laugh at the embarrassing memory of it.

While we never like to see someone get embarrassed, Emma’s mortification over the slip up was so adorable.

Of course, both Emma and Jimmy were very gracious as they recalled the story. Emma came to sit down in the same chair she’s in in the clip, and Jimmy Fallon went to welcome her. Before he could get too far into the greeting, Emma stops him to tell him she loves the bit with “kids and the Halloween candy.”

As fans of late night know, this is the other Jimmy’s bit, and Fallon gently reminded her as such.

After the dust settled, and all the laughs were had about Emma’s tiny little mistake, the two went on to talk a little about her hit Beauty and the Beast. To prepare for the role, Emma had to attend and three-month long princess camp. There, she learned to waltz and horseback ride, and it sounds like a super fun time.

Emma was on The Tonight Show to promote her new movie, The Circle. Based on the book by Dave Eggers, The Circle tells the story of an insidious tech company and its overreaching power. It also stars Tom Hanks and Patton Oswalt.

We wish we could all be as gracious and as poised as Emma Watson. Even when she’s embarrassed or uncomfortable, she still manages to keep it all together. She’s total life goals for us all.