Sarah Terry
Updated Dec 13, 2016 @ 2:20 pm
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When we think of Santa Claus, we think of elves. We think of reindeer. We think of toys. Who do we not usually think of? Mrs. Claus. Emma Thompson joins a campaign to empower women by creating a blog from Mrs. Claus’ perspective.

ActionAid UK is an organization with goals to raise the visibility of hidden women and girls around the world. They’re running a special campaign for the holiday season by focusing on Mrs. Claus. The blog, called “Yours, Mrs. Claus,” will feature stories and inspiration from Mrs. Claus. But ActionAid UK has also collected various awesome ladies like Emma Thompson to contribute stories as well.

Emma Thompson joined the campaign, because she like its synergy with the holiday season.

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ActionAid UK wants to bring women who are hidden into the spotlight.

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Jessica Holland, the Head of Brand Marketing and PR at ActionAid UK, explained that Mrs. Claus is often “portrayed as a nameless, voiceless, stereotyped and hidden woman, which made her the perfect character to bring to life the story of the women and children we help around the world. She explains that they’re using the internet as a cost-effective way to reach women who need support. Plus, they also have their “Gifts in Action” site, which offers an array of action items that people can purchase, so they see clearly where their financial donation is going.

Other awesome ladies will be participating, including comedian Jo Brand.

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Jo explained her involvement with the organization to Female First, “ActionAid is doing really heartening and important work across the globe to give powerless women and girls some say in their lives.”

We’re glad to see Mrs. Claus finally getting her time to shine!