2016 Toronto International Film Festival
Credit: Getty Images/Film Magic/Walter McBride

As if Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling haven’t captured hearts enough in films like Crazy Stupid Love and Gangster Squad, we’re lucky enough to get a third film of the adorable duo in the upcoming musical, La La Land and with all the adorable gushing between the two already, we can’t wait!

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In the film, which garnered standing ovations at the Toronto International Film Festival’s screening, Gosling plays a jazz pianist vying for an aspiring actress’s attention (played by Stone) and of course, we’re expecting more of that on-screen magic we’ve become accustomed to. This shouldn’t be difficult seeing as they’ve been excited about one another from the start.

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Their fondness for each other definitely shows with both on and off-screen chemistry. It translates into great films we want to watch again and again. And Emma wasn’t shy about the way she feels about Ryan! While talking about what it was like working with him in another romantic role, she’s absolutely beaming with pride (and who wouldn’t?)!

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Credit: Warner Bros. Giiphy

Though, in learning all the dance numbers, she did admit to possibly kicking him a few times during the dance numbers but seemed to feel bad about it. We would, too!

Regardless, we would watch any movie these two starred in so please — make more romantic movies together!

La La Land is in theaters on Dec. 2nd, 2016.