Johnni Macke
Updated Apr 07, 2017 @ 3:22 pm

It’s a ~city of stars~ miracle! Actress Emma Stone responded to a promposal in the sweetest way ever.

While Stone is not in high school that doesn’t mean that she isn’t everyone’s ideal prom date. In fact, a high school junior named Jacob Staudenmaier actually asked the actress to his prom.

How did he ask her? With a La La Land-themed video, duh!

It was pretty magical and totally awesome. Staudenmaier channeled his inner Sebastian (aka Ryan Gosling’s character) to ask Stone (who played Mia) to the big dance.

“The initial inspiration was a kid that went to my school about two or three years ago, he actually ‘promposed’ to Miley Cyrus and that just gave me a big inspiration,” Staudenmaier told Good Morning America.

Lucky for the young student, the Easy A actress took note and has now responded. While chatting with Good Morning America, Staudenmaier revealed that Stone had replied to him.

She sent him an adorable letter after seeing his cool video. He then pulled out the letter and read it on the talk show.

“Thanks for making the greatest proposal I’ve ever received. I can’t tell you what an honor that was and how much I smiled throughout that beautifully orchestrated video,” Stone wrote.

Okay, this is the cutest thing ever!

Even though Stone can’t make the dance, getting her attention and a hand-written letter is so cool. This should definitely go down as one of the most epic prom stories ever.

What do you think about the promposal? How did you get asked to prom?