While many of us remember our high school proms, few of us can say that we asked a celebrity to the dance. And among those who did, even fewer can say our celeb crush responded — much less with a corsage and a sweet note. But after one high-school student took to YouTube to ask Emma Stone to prom, he got possibly the sweetest rejection we’ve ever seen.

17-year-old Jacob Staudenmaier recreated the intro from La La Land to ask out Emma, and she definitely noticed. Now, although Emma couldn’t take him to prom, she did reply, on Good Morning America nonetheless!

On the show, she says,

So…is Emma officially the sweetest celebrity ever? Um, probably! We love how sincere she seems, and we love her follow-up consolatory gift even more.

Is this the ultimate cherry on top of the sundae of prom?

As for the gift: Emma sent the sweetest corsage and note to Jacob, who’s probably losing his mind (as we would be, too!). We can’t imagine getting a handwritten note from Emma Stone, and we can’t deny how special this would have made prom for us. We hope Jacob enjoys his prom and the sweet gift!