Karen Belz
Updated Jan 26, 2017 @ 12:56 pm
Credit: Marc Piasecki / Getty Images

When you’re facing anxiety, it’s sometimes helpful to know that stars in Hollywood also know of the struggle. Back in December, Emma Stone revealed that she had anxiety for her cover story in January’s Rolling Stone, and we were truly able to relate to everything she said about it.

Of course, Stone is now one of the most relatable, professional actresses in Hollywood. So, we always want to hear more about her journey with the disease. Whether it’s tips to help overcome attacks or just the proof that anyone could suffer from it, chatting about anxiety and making it an open topic is always helpful for those who suffer.

In a new interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Stone embraced the topic once more. And in fact, she credits acting for pretty much saving her sanity.

When Stone was a child, her parents were well aware of the issue, and decided that therapy might be beneficial. While it was useful, it was theater that truly helped her overcome anxiety spells and shyness.

Stone admitted that she felt the same childhood fear as her star began to rise. While she was “discovered” thanks to her small part in Superbad, it was Easy A that turned her into a household name.

Since then, she still sometimes has moments of uneasiness — especially based on the incredible press that La La Land is getting. And know what? It all just makes us feel even stronger about her.

It proves that even the people we call celebrities have their own battles that they conquer on a daily basis.

If we’ve learned anything from Stone’s interview, it’s that those with anxiety shouldn’t be afraid to admit it — and sometimes, the best form of therapy comes from creative places. While you should definitely consult your doctor if your own symptoms are getting out of control, perhaps finding an outlet that helps you conquer your emotions is a solid way to cope.

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