Briana Hansen
February 28, 2017 2:36 pm

Now that she’s won an Academy Award, the world is Emma Stone’s oyster. So what’s next for this mega-talented actress? Well, maybe she could dabble in the popular superhero realm.

At least, that’s what this artist hoped as they sketched Emma Stone as the famous DC superhero, Batgirl.

Bosslogic is an Australian artist with a keen talent for creative comic book artwork. And he decided to put that talent to use by transforming Emma Stone into Batgirl. And, to nobody’s surprise, she looks perfectly badass in the role.

Her classic red locks starkly contrast the dark background of Gotham.

The intense look on her face tells us she’s ready to fight some serious bad guys. And when he draws the mask over her face, we cannot handle how seriously cool she looks.

We know she could nail any role. And we have to admit she looks especially ready to fight super villains in these drawings. Like Brie Larson, the 2016 “Best Actress” Oscar winner, Emma could totally dabble in the superhero world post-Oscar. And we’d love to watch these awesome women bring justice to the world – even though they’d be doing it in different comic book universes.

Maybe filmmakers would consider a DC/Marvel crossover movie just so these two women could bring their BFF status to the big screen.

Like everything the two actresses do, we have no doubt it would be epic.

<p/center>Of course, Emma doesn’t need to make any decisions anytime soon. The Academy Award winner should just enjoy this time reveling in her well-earned recognitions. Besides, we already know she’s got some awesome projects on the way. We’re just hoping that, based on this awesome sketch, she’ll at least maybe consider a future in fighting crime.