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In today’s edition of Vogue’s “73 Questions” series, Emma Stone takes us on a one-shot tour of her Los Angeles apartment while she fires off answers to, you guessed it, 73 questions.

Are you ready for this amazing windfall of Emma Stone trivia?! Here it goes

The best thing about New York City is the plays (YES, theater arts), she can’t live without Love, in whatever form that takes (poetic and so much yes), she cares about gun control, her first job was baking dog treats at a dog bakery, someone on the internet once said she looks like a fish inside of a chicken smoking a cigarette (wtf?), her spirit animal is a dragon, she was so star-struck by Diane Keaton, Lorne Michaels and Tom Hanks that she cried in front of each of them.

Phew! We need a breather!

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Okay, there’s more!

She’d love to have coffee with Gilda Radner (sniff), she did not go to prom, her favorite fashion trend is tiny boots, her must-have beauty trend is sheet masks, she can type 100 words a minute, if she could give her teenage self one piece of advice, it would be “stop with the self-tanner,” she’s not great with texting back (omg, us too!), she doesn’t play any musical instruments especially the recorder (ouch, our ears), and her Britney impression is seriously impressive.

We love this insider’s glimpse into Stone’s life. Let us add our own piece of fangirl trivia: A teenage Emma prepared a PowerPoint presentation for her parents titled “Project Hollywood” to convince them to let her move to California to pursue acting.

Girl is savvy.

Seriously, she consistently proves herself to be funny, interesting, artistically cultured, well-read. Not that we’re at all surprised. She says that if she could describe herself in three words, she’d call herself “very fucking cool.” WE AGREE.