Alyssa Thorne
December 27, 2016 10:58 am
Paul Archuleta/ Getty Images

In yet another too relatable move, Emma Roberts shared her Real Housewives feels in an Instagram of herself about to watch an episode of the Real Housewives and, like, we must’ve been separated at birth because we literally did the same thing. Or we would’ve, if we were as clever. Seriously, we relate to both her obvious love slash addiction to trashy reality TV in combination with her obvious shame in her love and obsession. Or maybe just the way ~hello darkness my old friend~ reminds us of all the Sundays we’ve lost into the black hole of binge TV watching.

Plus, she’s seemingly not wearing makeup, which we really appreciate as a gesture from a young female celeb to whom lots of girls look up to…but mostly we get her reality feels so hard.

For real, this Instagram, which she uploaded four days ago, could be us, sitting in our rooms with our laptops binge-watching whatever reality show has come back to life recently with messy hair and no makeup. There’s nothing more validating and kinda funny than realizing your favorite celebs can be just as lame (yet AWESOME, obvi) as you can.

Plus, we think Gob Bluth would approve this message, and that’s got to be worth something.

Thanks for the laughs, Emma Roberts, please keep doing you, because it makes us feel better about doing us.