Alyssa Thorne
June 05, 2017 1:20 pm

Apparently, the woman who runs Glossier — the online-only makeup store that dominates your Facebook ads — used to be a Teen Vogue “super intern”, but that’s not all. She was an intern in 2007, which means she made a three-episode appearance on The Hills as an intern poised to upstage Lauren Conrad and Whitney Port with her general awesomeness. Apparently, this wasn’t just fabricated for television, because Emily Weiss has since gone on to found Glossier. Talk about interesting career trajectory.

We found it hard to believe as well, but luckily we have video proof. Take a look at this crucial moment in which Emily the intern got a seat at the Teen Vogue table — instead of Lauren and Whitney.

Emily then:

Emily now:

Glossier is a skincare and make-up company that has found its success by brilliantly making its products something begging to be Instagrammed…which makes everything they sell a total must-have.

The whole brand is Emily Weiss’s brainchild. After her stint on The Hills, she moved on to be a fashion assistant for Vogue. While working there, she created the blog Into the Gloss as a side project which has since grown into Glossier. Even cooler than this reality show star slash Lauren Conrad rival turned beauty maven, Emily Weiss sought out a female investor for her obviously primarily female-targeted business. And we’re all about ladies helping ladies.

We love Emily Weiss’s enterprising spirit, and although she and Conrad were rivals on the show, we imagine she and LC would have a lot to talk about when it comes to being a woman in business changing the game. More importantly, Emily is really open about the project not happening over night. She told the Million$ podcast:

Is she #lifegoals or is she #lifegoals?