Credit: Larry Busacca/Getty Images

Perusing other people’s vacation pics when it’s still mitten weather is probably something that should come with a disclaimer (i.e: WARNING: You’re about to be extremely jealous). So we feel obliged to issue such a message before showing you Emily Ratajkowski’s nude vacation pic from Mexico.

So, WARNING, don’t scroll down if you’re easily upset by thoughts of warm weather right now.

For some context, the model-turned-actress has been in Mexico for the last several days. And we’re none-too surprised by her decision to post a clothes-free snap, since she’s always been vocal about body-positivity and owning her own sexuality — it’s for herself and no one else.

Are you ready?

See that? Water and air warm enough to lounge comfortably in your birthday suit. WE WANT! Here was another pic posted just a few hours before.

Oh, sweet bathing suit weather! Will you ever come?

And joking aside, Ratajkowski has been killing it on the professional front. She’s heading up a DKNY ad campaign (in which she walks a dog in nothing but a bra and underwear…NBD), and is making a name for herself as an outspoken feminist advocate.

She also has no trouble addressing critics who question her feminist ideals (specifically because she poses nude), reminding others that a huge part of feminism is being the master of your own body and your own sexuality, and that pride in both should be encouraged — not shamed.

Loving your vacay pics, girl, and loving your body positive messages even more. Keep doing you — and we’ll try not to be too jealous of all that warm weather.