Rachel Paige
Updated Aug 26, 2016 @ 5:17 pm
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Earlier this year, Emily Blunt (and her husband John Krasinski ) welcomed a brand new, darling baby girl into the world and we were all like “oooooooh, ahhhhhh, adorable!!” because ‘lil Violet Krasinski is precious.

But her arrival earlier this year meant that Blunt was pregnant with Violet while she was shooting the upcoming The Girl on the Train, a movie we seriously cannot wait for (is it October 7th yet??). Since Blunt didn’t want to make the big ~Baby Announcement~ too soon into her pregnancy, and then didn’t want to draw attention to it during shooting, that meant that the mom stayed mum for a while. However, that didn’t stop co-star Justin Theroux from correctly guessing Blunt was carrying a new little one.

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How can someone just correctly GUESS a pregnancy? Well, if you know Blunt, and you know she kick-ass, it’s easy to tell when she doesn’t want to do a simple “stand-up-and-run” stunt on-set.

Talking to Entertainment Weekly, Theroux explained that at one point, Blunt needed to do a simple stunt that involved her getting up off the floor and running to the door (um, spoiler alert for Girl on the Train, she runs to a door). Blunt didn’t want to do it, though, because she didn’t want to “twist her hips.”

“We were rehearsing a scene and she had a stunt — I wouldn’t even call it a stunt,” Theroux explained. “She was on the floor, and she makes a move to run out of the kitchen, and she was like…‘Yeah, I don’t think I want to… I think I’d be standing, and I’d just bolt for the door. I just don’t want to twist my hip, and then we’re going to have to use a stunt person…’”

This confused Theroux because, “[Blunt] went toe-to-toe with Tom Cruise in Edge of Tomorrow!”

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It was only after everyone had left the room that Theroux asked Blunt if she was in fact pregnant, to which she confessed, yes.

“I was like [to Blunt], ‘Oh my god, you said you couldn’t be in a sitting position and then start to run! ‘You’re not 80 years old and you don’t have arthritis. So you’re either pregnant, or you’ve gotten really lazy.’”

Nope, not lazy, just thinking about her new little daughter. Pregnant or not, nothing will ever stop Blunt from being super amazing (and also badass).