It’s Emilia Clarke’s 30th birthday, and she seems kind of worried about it

Happy Birthday, Mother of Dragons! Today is Emilia Clarke‘s thirtieth birthday, and we have to say, in this photo she seems kind of worried:

But what could Emilia Clarke be upset about?

She seems to be celebrating her birthday in style. Dora The Explorer and Spongebob Square Pants? How fun is that!

Emilia, of course, is having her big birthday on set. Game of Thrones is currently filming in Ireland and Spain, and while the set is closed as always, she promises this photo holds spoilers. So… we know at least one scene involves nice weather? Or maybe she’ll pick up a neat sponge on her trip across the Narrow Sea? Hey, that’s something to keep us going until Summer 2017.

What many fans are hoping for is an alliance between Jon Snow and Daenerys so they can take on Cersei Lannister. And there’s a chance that alliance might actually take place (warning: link contains spoilers.) But it seems that the actors will be tight-lipped as always. (Maybe Dora or Spongebob will share their wisdom?)

Emilia Clarke, meanwhile, has been enjoying her late twenties in style.

Just before her big 3-0 she purchased the house of our dreams in Venice, California. And when she’s not busy filming she’s having a blast with friends. We’re sure they’re set to throw her the biggest birthday party ever when she returns home.

Regardless, Happy Birthday, Emilia Clarke! We suspect the candles on your birthday cake will be no match for you, as you’re used to fire…


Don’t worry, they say your 30s is when you really get to know yourself, anyway.

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