Briana Hansen
Updated Jul 13, 2016 @ 4:27 pm
Credit: HBO

We admit it. We pretty much love everything Emilia Clarke does. From her GoT character basically taking over Westeros to her loving transformation in Me Before You to her goofy Insta posts, we adore everything this girl does on and off the screen.

And while her hilarious Instagram account (which we’re not the only ones obsessed with BTW) has just posted a moving video. Instead of a typical pic of Clarke having a ball with friends or charming everyone between serious Mother of Dragon takes (which, of course, we love), she posted something distinctly different.

And it’s wonderful.

It’s so easy when you’re flying somewhere to overlook the majesty that surrounds you in the clouds. But Clarke obviously decided not only to live in the moment, but to catch some of the gorgeous sun rays coming through. Needless to say, a woman as busy and successful as herself probably spends a lot of time flying around. So it’s nice to see that she’s still taking time to enjoy just how magical it is (and looks).

And if her picture weren’t enough to inspire you, she captioned a really thoughtful bit of advice.

She wrote, “And exhale..Sometimes we all need a lil’ time to stop look and float.” It’s a loving reminder from a totally badass woman that sometimes, even the toughest of us, need to take some time and enjoy the beauty that’s all around us.

Credit: HBO/Giphy

So while we may have to wait like forever for the next season of Game of Thrones at least we have Clarke’s amazing Insta page to keep us both laughing and inspired while we wait patiently for her to sit on the Iron Throne.