Kayleigh Roberts
Updated Jun 02, 2016 @ 10:05 am
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Emilia Clarke’s Game of Thrones character, Daenerys Targaryen (aka Khaleesi, aka The Unburnt, aka Breaker of Chains, aka Mother of Dragons, etc.) may go for men of the conventionally-hunky, muscle-bound variety. Like Khal Drogo:

Credit: HBO

And Daario:

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And New Daario:

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But IRL, she has a much different ideal type. And that type is a dude with amazing dad bod.

It’s not that Emilia is complaining. She loves her super-conventionally-attractive costars. “I know, they are so dreamy!” she gushed to People. But Emilia Clarke is the kind of woman who finds beauty in people’s flaws. “Every character I’ve been with has been too perfect,” she said.

Her real ideal guy is hilarious, smart, and rocks a killer dad bod.

“Genuinely my ideal man is someone who, I know every woman says this but I mean this from the bottom of my heart, someone whose brain is as big as their funny bone,” she told People. “I want someone who is super smart, can make me laugh, has like a dad bod. I don’t need no six-pack.”

So there you have it. Emilia Clarke does not need her man to have a six-pack. A sense of humor, however, seems mandatory.