Toria Sheffield
December 26, 2016 7:26 am
Ebet Roberts/Getty Images

So many people are reeling from the news of George Michael’s death. Since the announcement of his passing, there has been a huge outpouring of love and sadness from friends and fans alike. And one of the most touching George Michael tributes came from Elton John — a long time friend of the singer.

If you’re still catching up on the news, an official statement from Michael’s rep was released yesterday evening stating that Michael had died peacefully at home, and also asked that the public respect his family’s right to privacy during this difficult time. The New York Times also reported that Michael’s death was “unexpected, but not suspicious.”

Following the news, Elton John posted the following message and picture on his Instagram account:

We have loved and respected George Michael so much from afar as fans, and so we can’t even begin to imagine how great a loss this must be for those who knew him personally (and not only were John and Michael great friends, but they once even collaborated on the song “Don’t Let the Sun Go Down on Me” in 1991).

We’re already missing George Michael so much, and we plan to listen to so much of his music today in his honor. If you’re feeling it too, let’s all take a moment to listen to one of our absolute favorites (we think you know the one):

R.I.P. George. The world has lost such a wonderful human and talent.