If there’s something you should know about Ellen DeGeneres, it’s that she’s a huge fan of animals. After hearing that Donald Trump will reverse a ban on importing elephant trophies that the Obama administration enacted in 2014, DeGeneres decided to donate money through a #BeKindToElephants hashtag on Twitter to support elephant conservation.

For everyone who sends a tweet using the #BeKindToElephants hashtag and a specific graphic created for the campaign, DeGeneres will donation to The David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust, which is known as being one of the top orphan elephant rescue and rehabilitation programs.

“I want to talk about the elephant in the room, literally. I want to talk about elephants,” DeGeneres said, before discussing the ban itself. “Basically, by lifting this ban, he’s encouraging Americans to kill elephants. I love elephants, and if you take the time to learn about elephants, you would love elephants too.”

In discussing the majestic animals, she made a pretty good point. “Elephants show compassion, sympathy, social intelligence, self-awareness, they’re excellent at learning abilities — all the things I have yet to see in this president,” she stated.

DeGeneres seemed near tears while showing video footage of a mother elephant helping her young. It’s a lovely clip, and we feel pretty emotional watching it, too.

She noted that elephants live in a matriarchal society and that mother elephants only leave their family when they die, unless they’re captured.

Once DeGeneres reminded us of how incredible elephants are, she had a second request for people who might not be as outraged by the news of the ban.

We want to thank DeGeneres for stepping up. Simply tweeting #BeKindToElephants along with the gorgeous graphic above will make such a big difference.