Karen Belz
Updated Jan 18, 2017 @ 8:19 am
Credit: NBC

Ellen DeGeneres can do almost anything — but could she fill Emma Stone’s shoes? Well, maybe. In a funny segment, Ellen admitted her role in La La Land was given to Stone after she, herself, turned it down. And even better, she had proof.

During the episode of her daytime talk show, DeGeneres talked about a behind-the-scenes feature of the movie that was just released. As you probably know, the industry just can’t get enough of La La Land — the third film starring Stone and Ryan Gosling as a romantic pair.

The film pretty much swept the Golden Globes, and chances are pretty great that the cast and crew will also get some recognition at the Oscars. Hopefully DeGeneres won’t be too jealous. Watch below.

We must admit, we’re totally cracking up. This video is downright clever.

Of course, director Damien Chazelle also had nothing but praise to give the two “leads.”

Do they have chemistry? Well, of course. But, uh — we can understand why they ended up going with Stone.

DeGeneres lamented dropping out of the production, as you would — while we loved Finding Dory, this film is in a totally different category.

The good news is, we’re almost positive that Stone would find this segment to be hilarious. She seems like she’d be more than willing to share the spotlight with DeGeneres — even if the spotlight isn’t exactly earned, per se.

In reality, we can’t imagine anyone else but Emma Stone in this role. Sorry, Ellen!