Rachel Charlene Lewis
August 03, 2016 7:39 am

So here’s some shocking news: Women don’t radically lose value as we age. Despite what society loves to tell us, we are still beautiful, are still smart, and are still capable—and Grey’s Anatomy fave Ellen Pompeo’s new Philosophy campaign is here to remind us.

The new campaign, #CoolAger, celebrates incredible women who make seriously rad role models while kicking off Philosophy’s Uplifting Miracle Worker. According to Bustle, beyond being a super powerful moisturizer, the product also has a good heart: as a part of the campaign, $10,000 is being donated to the Aviva Family and Children’s Services, a program that offers mental healthcare to at-risk children and families.

Ellen Pompeo, you have our hearts.

So what ~wisdom~ does our fave star have to offer?

We should focus on being happy, not being pretty.

“The happiest girls are the prettiest girls, and I really do believe that. I try to be happy all the time!”

We’re obviously major fans of this statement, as we’re all about valuing our happiness and mental health over how we look!

She believes aging is pretty awesome.

“You know everyone talks about the bad side of aging, but aging is a gift that not everybody is given the privilege of. Because any woman knows that the older we get, the more capable we get, the smarter we are, the more confident we are, and the more things we can juggle.”

We just *love* that Pompeo is taking the time to focus in on the benefits of aging, benefits of which have zero to do with appearances. If we didn’t already love the level-headed actress behind Meredith Grey, we’d be head over heels now!

She believes we should all *embrace* aging.

“You have to embrace aging embrace the good parts about aging because nothing stays the same, and if you try to hang on to something that you can’t possibly hang onto just setting yourself up for disappointment.”

Just like, yes. Why should we torture ourselves by always looking back at a distant, younger version of ourselves, when we can choose to embrace who we are right now? Such wisdom, and so much good, thanks to Ellen Pompeo.

Watch the full video below!