Credit: Andrew Toth/Getty Images

Let’s be honest, here: Ellen Page is everything good in the world. She has a good heart, a great sense of style, and is oh so talented. Between her upcoming film, Mercy, with Kate Mara and Gaycation, she’s totally on our radar right now, and probably will be forever. But what earns her some extra bonus points are her TOTALLY classic #TBTs.

Like, take a look at this week’s.

Baby Ellen Page on an adorable little bike with an adorable little grin? Oh, our hearts! Can we talk about all that swag going on? She’s been cool AF since day one.

Bowl cut? Heck yes. And that floral. My, my. We have to wonder if our parents get a kick out of these awful back to school photos!

Aw, aw, aw.

Ugh, we just love her so much it hurts!