Olivia Harvey
January 12, 2018 10:16 am

On January 11th, Ellen DeGeneres announced on her talk show that her father, Elliot DeGeneres, had passed away earlier in the week at the age of 92. Before going to break, DeGeneres paid tribute to her father by explaining how wonderful of a man he was and how he was so proud of her accomplishments.

DeGeneres shared an image of herself and her father taken during her childhood. Mr. DeGeneres, a former insurance salesman, was a devout member of the Christian Science community. He never saw a doctor nor took medicine, yet he lived “a good, long life,” as his daughter said.

During her childhood, DeGeneres said that her father only took the family on one vacation — it was to the Warner Bros. lot.

She was lucky enough to have been able to say goodbye to her father before he passed. On the day Mr. DeGeneres did pass, a rainbow appeared above DeGeneres’s Warner Bros. stage.

Many fans shared their condolences with DeGeneres and her family on Twitter.

It’s hard to lose a loved one, even when you have the chance to say goodbye. Our heart goes out to the DeGeneres family.