Elle Fanning might be one of our favorite young actresses. In a new interview, Fanning admits she dreams of becoming a director, and now we love her even more.

The 19-year-old actress has just landed her first cover of Vogue and she’s definitely earned it.

During her Vogue June cover shoot — she looks stunning btw — she opened up about her biggest fear and goal…directing. She also talked about her sister Dakota Fanning, and their friendship is SO sweet.

After meeting up with Vogue’s reporter in New Orleans while filming The Beguiled, the actress was very talkative. She chatted about everything from her idol, Marylin Monroe, to her “super romantic” side. The most interesting part, however, is what Fanning hopes to do in the future.

“I definitely, definitely want to do that,” Fanning told Vogue about her dreams of directing. “As an actor, you’re exploring someone else’s vision. I’d like to be able to create that vision instead.”

She credits this desire to her confident, business side — or as she calls it — her “Aries” side. “I know it’s hard — so many people asking you questions all the time,” the blonde beauty explained. “It’s a huge challenge. But I want that.”

It’s a challenge we can tell Fanning is totally up for, and we definitely want to see her as a director. She might be young, but she’s already done SO much in her life. Directing would be the next logical step, at least in regards to her career.

The Georgia native attributes part of her success — or at least her initial interest — in acting to her older sister Dakota. The two have had the acting bug since they were kids, but Fanning knows Dakota helped pave the way for her in Hollywood.

Credit: Todd Williamson/Getty Images

“You think, Gosh, if I didn’t have a sister who started acting, would I be acting?” she said. She played Dakota’s character, Lucy’s, younger self in I Am Sam in 2001 and the rest is history.

Even if she started because of her sister’s passion, the 20th Century Women actress has definitely found her own way.

Throughout her career, however, Fanning has always stayed close to her sister and continued to be in awe of her talent. The feeling is mutual, and it’s so cute.

“People sometimes want us to feel weird jealousy or competition,” Dakota told the magazine. “It will never happen. There’s no one I want to see succeed or soar more.”

Okay, it’s official, Elle and Dakota are our ultimate #BFFGoals.