Alyssa Thorne
Updated Sep 19, 2016 @ 4:33 pm
"The Neon Demon" Los Angeles Premiere
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If you’re looking for all kinds of wonderful insights into our favorite actors and actresses, look no further than W Magazine‘s screen tests. And when it comes to our faves? Elle Fanning’s is definitely up there. Not only is she totally bubbly and delightful the whole time — she 110% seems like someone we could hang out with — but she also shares some really relatable anecdotes… and some less so.

We can all relate to how she finds herself stuck watching episode after episode of Say Yes to the Dress, while tearing up against her will, for example. But most of us can’t look up interviews featuring our older sister from when they were a kid on the internet.

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Because videos of Dakota Fanning being adorable are so easily accessible, apparently Elle Fanning watches them in her free time.

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We totally understand being overwhelmed by tiny, precocious Dakota Fanning and her uncanny way of sounding like a very small adult. Elle Fanning also added an explanation as to why she thinks watching these videos makes her so emotional.

Check out the full interview below and prepare yourselves for some sisterly magic: