Madison Vanderberg
July 28, 2017 1:09 pm

If you’re a person who has been on Instagram, you’re familiar with #SponsoredContent. You’ve seen an #ad in the caption for a Kardashian selling diet teas. You’ve seen #Spon underneath a celebrity Insta for some beauty brand. There’s sometimes a stigma surrounding sponsored content, as if you’re “selling out,” but for actress Elizabeth Olsen, she’s down for some #ads in her Insta feed.

Olsen didn’t have an Instagram for the longest time, and she reveals that her decision to finally join was all about the $$.

“I decided to join because I realized I was only taking something away from myself,” she told the Los Angeles Times.

Honestly, when your sisters are total moguls, you probably learn how to think in terms of financial opportunities.

There seems to be several celebrity camps when it comes to selling on social media.

Those who do it widely and free.

Those stars who are barely on Instagram and don’t seem interested in #SponCon.

And then the celebs who refuse to join social media altogether. Jennifer Lawrence, Emma Stone, we’re looking at you!

So far, we don’t see any ads on Olsen’s gram.

Give it time, because we can totally see her as the face of Dior or Coach, or truly any luxury brand, really.