Ashley Rey
May 28, 2017 2:23 pm

If you want actress Elisabeth Moss to shoot a nude scene, you have to give her the final reigns. What do we mean exactly? Well, the talented actress explained her stance perfectly while promoting her latest project Top of the Lake: China Girl at Cannes, and we’re totally here for it. In order for her to agree to be shot in the nude, the director must give Moss control over the scene her pick and choose her angles. As well as let her have the power to make any final editorial decisions.

The Handmaid’s Tale star shared with the audience the moment her comfortability for being shot in the nude changed. It was in 2013 on the set of Top of the Lake with director Jane Campion. Moss explained:

An actor having the final call over which nude shots get used, and which ones are totally trashed? Yeah, we’ve never heard anything like it either.

But we think Elisabeth Moss getting a say is definitely the coolest thing ever!

We mean, it makes a lot of sense. This little gesture could result in a much better result for the final project, and Moss totally agrees. “You actually end up getting more than you would if you just ask the actor to take her clothes off,” she added.

Once Moss saw that she could own that power, the talented actress carried it on into her future projects. Her stance is so empowering, and we’re totally supportive of her positioning rubbing off on the entire industry.

Wise words, from a very wise woman.