Elijah Wood and "The Bachelor's" Nick Viall have been friends for years, and we have questions

Some things in life just make sense: Peanut butter and jelly, Chuck Bass and Blair Waldorf, and Elijah Wood and The Bachelor’s Nick Viall. What’s that you say? Elijah Wood and Nick DON’T make sense? In fact, you’re actually super confused right now? Well, join us, friends.

Because according to Wood’s recent interview on Jimmy Fallon to promote his new Netflix movie, I Don’t Feel at Home in This World Anymorethe two dudes are genuinely friends in real life, and Wood even knew Nick was going to be The Bachelor before the rest of America. In fact, while he didn’t know Nick back when he was on Andi Dorfman’s season of The Bachelorette in 2014, they didn’t meet long after.

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Wood explained that they met through a mutual friend.

“He was just around and I would hang out with him and I kind of knew about his Bachelorette experiences and found it fascinating. So I knew he was the Bachelor before it was announced and everything.”

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He went on to say that — for any one out there with any doubt — Nick is absolutely truly looking for love. “Here’s the thing about Nick. I think a lot of people question whether he is real or if it’s really real him on the show, in the way that he’s presenting himself, and that is him. He’s a very genuine individual, he’s got a lot of integrity. I can unequivocally say that.”

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Wood even says he watches the show every Monday now to root for his friend. “It’s kind of like a weird human experiment. I find it equal parts entertaining, I’m excited for Nick to find love, and I’m also disturbed.”

Yes! One thousand times yes!

Oh, and Wood gave us a little tidbit about what it’s actually like to be on the show. “[…] He was on-lock for two months. Nobody knows what’s going on. It’s not even like jail where you get your call. It’s worse than jail, except you got 20 girls.”

We’d be lying if said we weren’t beyond intrigued by this friendship. And we mean BEYOND. Now excuse us while we go day dream about their dude hangs (do you think they talk about hobbits? How cool Chris Harrison is? If Corinne now uses voodoo dolls?!).

Happy Friday!

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