Karen Belz
Updated Dec 27, 2016 @ 8:13 am
Credit: Jacqueline Romano / FilmMagic / Getty Images

This news might make you want to listen to “Jeremy” and “Better Man” on loop. Pearl Jam singer Eddie Vedder made a charitable donation to a family that was extremely close to being evicted, since he was so touched by their story. Thus, he gave a Christmas gift that both his fans, and the community will never forget.

Tyshika Britten, a mother of six, posted a plea on Craigslist that eventually got picked up by The Washington Post and other national publications. The post was almost a last resort, and a call for help. This year, she couldn’t afford a Christmas — and was close to losing everything.

Vedder caught the story, and couldn’t resist lending a hand.

Vedder, who harbors his own memories of tough childhood years, donated $10,000 to the family, which helped them have a nice holiday under a familiar roof.

Britten, once only vaguely familiar with Vedder and his music, made a point to watch some Pearl Jam concerts online to learn more about the man who helped save her Christmas.

It’s so sweet to know that after all these years, this influential rocker still has a heart of gold.