Karen Belz
Updated Aug 31, 2017 @ 5:42 pm

Going to your first concert is kind of a big deal. For one baby in Miami, that first concert experience turned into so much more. Ed Sheeran dedicated a song to a baby who actually shared a name with him. And the footage of the moment is pretty adorable.

The baby in question is a girl named Cooper Sheeran Smith. She was at the concert with her parents, Rocky and Harmony. After Sheeran got wind of the fact that one of his tiniest fans was named after him, he mentioned how amazed he was by her chill during the whole concert. As you know, concerts can (and should) get pretty loud.

After praising the baby, and announcing that he loves babies, Sheeran dedicated his next song, “Dive,” to little Cooper.

Father Rocky made sure to tag Sheeran in the video afterward, with a special thank you. He also spoke with E! News about the concert, mentioning that Sheeran played a big role in Cooper’s life, even before she was born. The couple suffered from infertility, and believe that Sheeran’s music helped play a part in Cooper’s grand arrival.

While Sheeran didn’t get the full story during the show, surely he would have been pretty impressed by the power of his music. We have a feeling that Cooper is going to be a lifelong fan.