Trilby Beresford
Updated Feb 15, 2017 @ 11:55 am
Credit: Instagram/Ed Sheeran

There are a thousand reasons to love Ed Sheeran, but a big one is that he’s just so…regular. Meaning, even though he’s a huge star and everything, he’s not really into the glitz and glam that goes along with it.

And in a recent interview on Ryan Seacrest’s On Air, Sheeran talked about Grammy after parties and how there’s usually few musicians at them and way more randoms just looking for a party. He then shed light on his own parties (which seem WAY cooler, FYI). He once hosted a party in Milan after the EMAs, and had a very specific rule for his guests.

Everyone had to come alone. No entourage, no body guards, no nothing.


via giphyIn the interview, Sheeran also talked about the five-minute track, “How Would You Feel” from his upcoming album, and how it made it on there because it was his girlfriend Cherry Seaborn’s favorite song. Basically Sheeran had forgot it existed, so we’re glad that his GF swooped in and ensured that we’d receive five minutes of Sheeran glory! It drops this Friday.

We’re super excited to hear Sheeran’s new track, and his album which drops in March! 2017…the year of Ed Sheeran.

Hey Ed, can we be invited to one of your parties sometime? No entourage, it’ll just be us on our best behavior. Think about it.