Karen Belz
Updated March 08, 2017

This is definitely Ed Sheeran’s year. The artist has become incredibly visible — after somewhat of a short break — due to his brand new album Divide, which was released at the start of this month. But just because he was quiet for a bit doesn’t mean that he’s out of stories to tell. In fact, Ed Sheeran talked to Rolling Stone about an injury that makes us realize that our favorite musicians aren’t invincible when they’re out on the road.

Before we discuss the injury in question, here are just a few of the Sheeran incidents that ended up with him getting pretty lucky:

After one drink too many at Russell Crowe’s house, Sheeran once wandered into a field filled with poisonous (and potentially deadly) snakes.

Then, there was the time he attended a fancy party and got his face slashed by a sword due to a prank gone wrong. (Yes, a sword.)

Another time, he almost cut open a nerve while pretending that two beer bottles were drum sticks.

Because, hey — while Sheeran has been around the world, and performing at events just like the Grammys, sometimes he still makes stupid mistakes just like we do.

But, the worst incident of all, which Sheeran is willing to admit, involved a volcano. Yes, a volcano.

Sheeran was with his girlfriend, Cherry Seaborn, in Iceland when it all went down. The two were touring a volcano when Sheeran decided to take his own adventure — despite the fact that the tour guide warned everyone to stay close. Sheeran managed to cross a boundary, and before he knew it, his feet were drenched in 200-degree water.

And, well, Sheeran learned a lesson that day. After Cherry removed his socks, she realized his feet were in really, really bad shape. He’s kind of lucky he’s still able to walk, if you think about it.

Since Ed Sheeran just announced his new tour, we have one big ask. Ed, if you’re reading this, please stay safe, listen to the people around you, and try your hardest to avoid any kind of volcanic rock. We care about you.