ed sheeran
Credit: Samir Hussein/Getty Images

We already know that Ed Sheeran is a bit of a hopeless romantic from his music, so he’s probably a nice guy to be in a relationship with. But at the Brit Awards this week, he took romance to an entirely new level. Ed Sheeran gave his girlfriend his sneakers on their way home, held her Christian Louboutins, and walked to their ride in his socks.

It’s so cute, it’s sort of annoying. Sure, the $2,000 Andaloulou booties are adorable, but that doesn’t mean the heel won’t randomly break after a dancing the night away at the after-party, which is allegedly how they broke. According to People’s sources, Sheeran did it “without a thought.” BEST. BOYFRIEND. EVER.

He even held her hand so she wouldn’t trip over herself in the too-big sneakers. Seriously, get a room, you two love birds.

The only thing that would make it cuter would be if she took them off because they were killing her feet and he didn’t mind that she was complaining. Some boyfriends, even the good ones, never seem to believe in the intensity of how a too big or too small high heel can wreck your whole vibe. Sheeran looks like the kind of guy who wouldn’t give you any grief about your complaints. He almost looks ~happy~ walking barefoot for her.

Sheeran and his girlfriend Cherry Seaborn have been dating for two years, though they’re friends since high school. Sheeran’s said of their romance, “This has been the first time I’ve actually had the time to fall in love properly.” And apparently, they are basically together all the time. He said,

That was by design, because of course Sheeran decided that to transition from the friend zone into a romantic relationship with Seaborn, they should quit their jobs and travel for a year together, which is exactly what they did. It’s hard to believe how hardcore this guy is when it comes to matters of the heart. He also said he can’t wait to have babies with Seaborn, “little fat, chubby babies that just walk around.”

Of course, babies require just a tad more work than just watching them waddle around, but from the looks of his adorable display of thoughtfulness, Sheeran can probably handle it.