We love hearing about celebrity besties. And if we could create a 2017-era list of favorites, dear friends Ed Sheeran and Taylor Swift would probably top the list. The two have successfully squashed the dating rumors, which is a plus. But while they're not romantically involved, that doesn't mean that they lack chemistry.

In fact, Swift and Sheeran are so tight that they often get invites to each other's parties and special events. Since they're both such sought-after musicians, it makes sense for them to have a few things in common.

During a new interview with Rolling Stone, Sheeran opened up about the friendship even more.

For some backstory, Ed Sheeran opened for Taylor Swift during her 2013 tour, and admitted that the gig pretty much changed his life. For one, he decided to base himself in Nashville.

The two bonded, and eventually wrote "Everything Has Changed," which they performed together live on a nightly basis. Shortly after, Swift referred to Sheeran as the "James Taylor to [her] Carole King."

Sheeran feels just about the same way.

In fact, in Rolling Stone, he said that he sees them doing a stadium tour together sometime in the future, where they trade off songs. All we can say about that is, yes please.

We're so impressed with the fact that despite their busy schedules, their friendship has stayed so strong! We can't wait to hear more songs by these two in the future.