When Ed Sheeran traveled to Liberia to make a film for Comic Relief’s Red Nose Day, he met children who had lost their parents to the Ebola virus and were living on the streets. It wasn’t an easy experience, to say the least.

In Sheeran’s RedNose Day diary, he described the emotional effect this trip had on him, and explained the moment he cried on camera — despite his best efforts not to — when a sweet little girl named Peaches asked to sing for him. She had lost her father in the Ebola outbreak, and told Sheeran it was her dad who taught her the song.

After that, Peaches showed Sheeran the two-bedroom wooden shack that she shared with eight other people. “Even with just two of us in the room it is so hot and suffocating that it feels like a sauna,” he wrote.

Here’s the song that Sheeran made for Red Nose Day. It includes footage of him interacting with many children in need, and highlights the necessity of education to give these kids hope for the future.

If this makes you feel helpless, know that there is absolutely a way to help. Sheeran noted that a donation as small as $60 can provide a child with “everything they need to go to school for a entire year.”

If you’d like to make a contribution via Red Nose Day, you can do so here.