Angelica Florio
Updated November 05, 2017 10:12 am
Rich Fury / Stringer / Getty Images

For people who grew up watching The Suite Life of Zack and Cody, seeing Cole Sprouse on Riverdale without his twin brother Dylan is a little bit jarring. Cole is great at playing Jughead, but fans are always wondering if his brother will show up as a guest star. But wonder no more, because Dylan Sprouse found a way to join the Riverdale cast. Sort of.

Sadly, Dylan’s appearance with his brother’s castmates — including Cole’s off-screen girlfriend Lili Reinhart — didn’t actually happen on set. Or even in person, for that matter. But it was documented on Instagram. Here’s what happened: Dylan cheekily posed with a poster of the whole Riverdale cast. And considering that Cole has been outspoken about not wanting his brother to appear on the CW show, this might be the one time we see Dylan with the crew.

The blonde-haired Sprouse twin posted the pictures to his Instagram Story, and they’re a feast for the eyes. In each photo, he did his best imitation of a different main character. He also included a word that spells the message, “Look I’m a Riverdale cast member lol.” Flip through this slideshow to see Dylan’s poses as the Riverdale cast members.

We’ve gotta say, it seems like Dylan still has the same sense of humor that he had on The Suite Life.

Even though his selfies with the Riverdale cast makes it look like Dylan might want to be on the show, Cole has publicly said that it’s not happening. In an interview with Glamour, Cole opened up about it, saying, “I think it would just be silly. It would be super, super weird and totally not appropriate. I also just don’t think Dylan wants to; to be honest, I wouldn’t want to either.”

Knowing that Dylan won’t be making an actual appearance on Riverdale is a little heartbreaking.

The two brothers had so much on-screen chemistry on The Suite Life. And it doesn’t hurt that they’re both über attractive.

Um, we mean comedic chemistry, obviously.

Despite Cole’s adamant quotes about not wanting Dylan to join him on the show, it kind of would make sense. In the original Archie comics, Jughead actually has a twin cousin named Souphead. Cole said it would be “silly” and “weird” to have his brother on the show. But if Souphead showed up, it might be even weirder if Jughead’s twin cousin was played by someone other than his actual twin.

Perhaps there’s still a little hope that both Sprouse boys will appear together again on TV after all.

…Or not. It makes a lot of sense that both twins want to do their own thing. If we ever ~need~ to see Dylan as part of the Riverdale cast, we’ll always have these pics for reference.