With her new hit show Santa Clarita Diet on Netflix, her budding cosmetics line Flower Beauty, and her rich family life, Drew Barrymore’s had an amazing last year. It’s also been incredibly busy, which is why she makes sure to take time to appreciate the simple things in life — like eating a popsicle in the sunshine with your favorite two little kids.

Yesterday, Drew spent the day celebrating her daughter, Frankie, and her Earth Day birthday. <a href="Barrymore went full Instagram mom, posting a shot of now-3-year-old Frankie enjoying one of life’s sweet things — and adding an even sweeter caption.

How cute is that?

The two hung out with Drew’s older daughter, four-year-old Olive, as well. Lately, Barrymore’s Instagram has been full of proud mom shots.

But she’s also grabbed some solo time wherever she can find it — because, occasionally, we all need a break.

…Even if it feels a little against the rules.

But we know that Drew loves her kids unquestioningly.

The only thing that dragged her back into the working game? The absolute amazingness of Santa Clarita Diet, which she says was great for her and her family.

We’re so glad that Drew has found something that makes her feel so happy — and we love sneaking peeks of her happy moments at home, too.

Happy birthday, little Frankie! We hope you, Olive, and your mom had the best day.