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Doing interviews, especially on camera, can be a daunting ordeal. Now imagine being a mere 11-years-old, and having to do interviews because (little do you know) you’re about to become one of the biggest stars in the world, and soon, a household name as the actor behind Harry Potter. During one of Daniel Radcliffe’s first television interviews, he was feeling the pre-taping jitters, as we all would.

And that’s then when Donald Trump swooped in and gave ‘lil Daniel some wise, sage advice about how to handle the interview.

Just what was this advice? To calm his nerves, and give him a good talking point, Trump told ‘lil Daniel go to on the Today Show and say, “You just tell them you met Mr. Trump!”

Daniel doesn’t explain if he actually discussed on the Today Show (and there’s no video of this 2001 interview — we looked), but even if he did, it’s okay. We all make mistakes. Happy to see that now, 15 years later, The Boy Who Lived is living Trump-advice-free.