Rachel Paige
December 27, 2016 12:23 pm

Today is not a good day. In fact, today is the worst day because the world is grappling with the loss of Carrie Fisher. She passed away early on December 27th, due to complications from a heart attack she had on December 23rd, and for the last few days we’ve all hoped and prayed for the best. It’s always hard to deal when a loved one (and a loved icon) passes away, but the touching messages both Disney and Lucasfilm have released are easing the loss of Carrie as best they can.

Disney bought Lucasfilm (and all of Star Wars) back in 2012, and that means that Carrie’s now gone from not one, but two huge families. Disney’s statement will remind you just how much she was loved by all:

As for Lucasfilm — the production company that put her on the map back in 1977 with Star Wars — we’re reminded that she was Princess Leia, but she was also so much more:

We’ve got more tributes and statements to Carrie over here on HelloGiggles, and we’re sending love to everyone who needs it right now.