Credit: ABC

As hardcore Baby Houseman fans, we’ve been eagerly awaiting the TV revival of Dirty Dancing, one of our very favorite movies, ever. But now, we realize there’s one more reason to look forward to the show.

Television newbie Colt Prattes (who plays the role of Johnny Castle) has a really, really incredible body.

We came upon this information by way of his Instagram account. Colt’s most recent video shows him busting out some killer gymnastics moves, all while displaying his impossibly chiseled stomach.

His superhero-like moves aren’t a coincidence. In the caption, Colt references two of our favorite crime-fighting protagonists as the inspiration behind his killer choreography.

We’ll give you a second to pick your jaw up off the floor. Now get ready for another good look at this man’s INSANE six-pack.

Credit: Instagram/@coltprattes

Is he even human?!

But lest we reduce Colt to man meat, the story of how he came to play Johnny Castle is actually an adorable one. According to People, his stepmother, who has since passed away, used to watch the movie on TV almost every weekend. Patrick Swayze became a personal role model for young Colt.

Colt started dancing himself at the relatively late age of 15. Growing up outside of Atlanta, he attended a performance arts magnet program, and practiced after school to catch up with his classmates.

After working so hard, it only seems right that he would be cast as the iconic Johnny Castle. He deserves it!

And lest we forget, Colt was that super hot dancing guy in Pink’s “Try” music video. So if you want more of where those abs came from, give it another watch.

We’re so looking forward to seeing him more often!!