Emily Baines
Updated Feb 11, 2017 @ 8:49 am
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Actor and national treasure Denzel Washington has been making the publicity rounds, thanks to the popularity of his Oscar-nominated film Fences. Fences, if you do not know, is an adaptation of the play by August Wilson, which won Denzel Washington a Tony in 2010. In an interview with Graham Norton, Denzel Washington shared some hilarious behind-the-scenes tidbits from the film shoot.

But mostly, Denzel could not stop gushing about his costar Viola Davis

The film, as Denzel Washington confirms, could not help but inspire continual audience reactions.

Denzel shared that apparently so many people felt so connected to Viola’s character that they couldn’t help but speak out.

He said that it happened in both the live stage play and in the movie adaptation.

And it’s true. People cannot stop raving about Viola Davis’ performance in Fences. But despite the acclaim Davis, Washington, and the film itself have earned, the actor/director believes the world has more important things to consider.

He goes on to say that he loves expressing himself through movies, but keeps a healthy perspective on the fact that it’s just stories. He truly believes in people being educated and aware of current events.

Denzel’s words are truly inspiring. We love that he continues to make excellent films with meaning, and that he believes in being active in a bigger community.