Karen Belz
October 11, 2017 9:33 am

Ah, young love. In a trip down memory lane, Demi Lovato reminisced about Joe Jonas and pinpointed the exact moment she fell in love with him. While she’s been tied to her BFF (and maybe something more) Nick Jonas in recent years, it’s important to remember that Lovato and the middle Jonas dated very briefly back in 2010.

As part of her new YouTube special, Simply Complicated, Lovato watched clips from the 2008 Disney movie Camp Rock with two friends. The movie featured her and the famous brothers, and was so big that they created a sequel.

Lovato recalled having a big crush on Joe Jonas during filming, and remembered the exact scene when that crush turned into real love for her off-screen.

It was the scene where Lovato’s character approaches Jonas outside, and from the video, it’s kind of obvious that reviewing the moment brought back a lot of memories.

Lovato also revealed that the couple had their very first kiss on-screen.

While she views the relationship fondly, and even referred to Jonas as a “complete gentleman” in an interview with Access Hollywood back in 2010, Lovato admits that the two only dated for about a month.

Our favorite thing about the video isn’t necessarily the fact that she dished about an old relationship, but the fact that she admitted that she loved her past. We think it’s so healthy to be so positive, especially when your past included pageant waves and awkward moments — like that very first kiss — caught on film for the world to see.

Simply Complicated will be hitting YouTube on October 17th, and we’ll be watching.