Karen Belz
Updated Mar 06, 2017 @ 1:24 pm

Aren’t freckles a beautiful thing? Demi Lovato shared hers in a makeup-free selfie, and we totally love the fact that she did. As you know, it’s always a big deal when celebrities choose to show what they look like without stylists or prep, because it’s just a reminder that we, as women, don’t really need to try hard to be beautiful.

Beauty really comes from confidence, and Lovato — as expected — looks gorgeous and radiant by example.

It does seem like Lovato is wearing false eyelashes, but hey — we can forgive her for that one. (Especially since they can sometimes be a pain to remove.) The big thing here is that she’s showcasing her natural skin, freckles and all.

In general, Lovato has shared a ton of body-positive photos. For example, on her way over to the iHeartRadio Music Awards on Sunday, she also snapchatted a photo of her bare legs, with the caption of “Thick thighs save lives.”

Credit: Demi Lovato / Snapchat

It’s always great to see a young celebrity showcase what they naturally love about themselves.

But, back to the selfie for a minute or two — it’s important, because often times, freckles get overlooked. That, or people try to hide them for no real reason. Freckles are just pigment cells, and often make us look pretty unique.

That’s why it’s important for celebrities like Demi Lovato to show how beautiful these markings truly are. So, next time, consider ditching the concealer. Especially during sunnier days, freckles are pretty much the best accessory out there.