We're definitely filing this away for inspo!
Demi Lovato
Credit: Kevin Winter, Getty Images

We've seen perfectly shaped brows, we've seen super-thin brows, and we've *all* seen Lizzo's bleached eyebrows, but now Demi Lovato is here to make their case for gold eyebrows. Yes, gold. The singer showed off the gold brows on their Instagram story on August 12th in a post originally shared by director Hannah Lux Davis.

In Davis' Instagram Story, she wrote, "Always fun with this one," alongside the photo of Lovato. When Lovato shared the fire pic to their own Instagram Story, they added a bunch of side eye emojis and wrote, "This one is gonna be wild." We have absolutely no idea what these two are working on, but first we want to discuss these eyebrows.

Demi Lovato Instagram Story
Credit: @ddlovato, Instagram

In the picture, Lovato is rocking a lace top with what looks to be a blazer over it. Then there's the gold chains—which perfectly match their eyebrows. And that highlighter? It's a whole *lewk* they have going on here.

The gold eyebrows look like they could be done with some sort of gold makeup caked onto the brow hairs or even gold foil or glitter, making for what looks to be solid gold bars over Lovato's eyes. There's definitely a metallic shimmer happening, though, which is giving us King Midas vibes with how vibrantly gold those brows are!

Lovato is also rocking super long hair here—unlike the *actual* super short hair they're rocking IRL, but that's a whole other story.

Davis also tagged a whole glam team, including Lovato's stylist Siena Montesano, nail artist Natalie Minerva, hairstylist Glen Coco Oropeza, and makeup artist Etienne Ortega—so we feel like something big is coming out of this project. Davis previously worked with Lovato on a few of their music videos, including "I Love Me" and "OK Not to Be OK," plus she directed Demi Lovato: Simply Complicated. These two are clearly in cahoots on something very cool, and these gold eyebrows have us very, very excited. We'll just have to wait to see what becomes of these golden brows!