Demi Lovato has been a powerful, outspoken advocate for mental wellness for a long time. And now, Demi Lovato produced a documentary called Beyond Silence that focuses on mental health.

The documentary follows three people’s personal experiences of mental illness.

The entertainer is open about her own mental health struggles. And her openness provides inspiration for so many others who are going through the same issues. The documentary follows three people who have been diagnosed with bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, and depression. But film focuses how similar their frustrations and setbacks are, even though their disorders are very different.

And showing the similarities among people struggling with mental disorders is a very important goal for the singer.

Demi is the spokesperson for Be Vocal, an organization dedicated to normalizing and supporting people struggling with their mental health. She executive produced this documentary. And she’s hoping it will raise even more awareness for the community.

The video is now available to watch online at the Be Vocal website.

Major mental health organizations nominated the three people featured in the film. Demi collaborated with filmmaker Shaul Schwarz to create the final product. And in that collaboration, they created something both beautiful to watch and moving to listen to.

Seeing these three personal stories helps remind people that they are not alone when facing challenges to their mental wellness.

As always, Demi hopes that this documentary helps take away the stigma from talking about mental illness. And we continue to admire her incredible dedication to this very personal cause.