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Demi Lovato was recently touring the world with her pal Nick Jonas, but she made a little time this week for a different Jonas brother — her ex-boyfriend, Joe.

In a Facebook Live video promoting Marriott Rewards, the pair answered fan questions and dished on everything from Joe’s favorite Demi song to their craziest fan stories. false

One of our favorite moments happened around two minutes into the conversation. Each musician was asked to describe where they see themselves in five years, and Joe started off by explaining that he’d like to be doing pretty much the same thing he’s doing right now — making music with DNCE — but with slightly more salt-and-pepper hair.

Demi then explained that she’d also like to be doing the same thing and hopes that she’ll have had a few “more moments around the world.” At that point, Joe interjected to say, “I thought you were going to say children,” to which Demi quickly replied, “No.”

She shut it down, saying:

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We love that she didn’t feel pressured to fit a stereotypical narrative — one that insists women “of a certain age” start thinking about having children and planning a future around motherhood (Demi is 24, btw). She is focused on her career and we think that is just fine, thankyouverymuch.

All we can say is: Slay, queen!

Demi went on to do a pretty fab Nick Jonas impression and revealed what she always brings on a flight, so obviously the whole thing is worth a watch. Check it out here!