Demi Lovato
Credit: Taylor Hill/FilmMagic

The star shared a photo of herself holding a Teami mug with the caption:

She also goes on to offer her fans a custom discount code to purchase the tea and writes, “I want all of you to do the challenge with me!”

While there are some comments defending the post, many criticized the singer for the endorsement. Detox teas promote getting rid of toxins in the body, but they can also have nasty side effects. According to Medline Plus, Senna, the herb used in detox teas, can cause muscle weakness, liver damage, and weakening of the colon. Also, detox teas are often associate with sometimes unhealthy weight loss. According to Dr. Karin Kratina, most of the weight lost on the detox teas would be water weight. Any true loss would have to come from a dietary change.

Modern medicine has debunked these teas.

But Demi’s fans aren’t just upset because of the possible danger to their bodies.

They’re also concerned about the mental health repercussions. Demi’s been open about her own eating disorder, but a program like this that promotes drinking only tea instead of eating can be triggering for others fighting their own eating disorders.

Unfortunately, these detox teas have branded themselves under the guise of “self-care,” so it’s no surprise celebrities are quick to endorse them. Hopefully, Demi and other stars like her will see the long term harm these products can cause and retract their endorsements.